Oops! We saved the wrong cat!

So... our amazing group of volunteers went to a high kill shelter to save a sweet cat whose time was running out. After packing kitty up and hitting the road they realized OOPS we took the wrong cat. They were faced with a heart wrenching decision, do they keep him and leave another cat to be euthanized or do they send him back and pick up the original cat knowing they were basically choosing which cat would live and which one wouldn't. Both cats were past their expiry date of March 18th. So what did All Creatures Rescue decide? Why save two cats of course!! Unfortunately our hearts are bigger than our pocket books!

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All Creatures Rescue is dedicated to the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation of animals that have been neglected, abused or have special needs. We are a small group of volunteers based in Toronto, but work alongside a network of other rescues and sanctuaries across North America.

If you have room in your heart and home, please look through our list of animals available for adoption and complete and submit an application to adopt or foster. If you can’t adopt, please consider a donation to help with vet bills, food, supplies, transportation, and web hosting. If you can't donate, please follow us on social media using the buttons below and share us with your network.

Thank you!